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Hamiltonian alt-rock duo CODA FACTO describe their sound as, “fusing pop, brit-rock, and Americana with vibrant vocals and lyrical stories.” With Alex DeRoo on piano and Jon Harley on violin, both bandmates contribute to the vocals and guitars on CODA FACTO.

Their latest single “Hourglass”, was inspired by artists like Paul McCartney, Half Moon Run, John Mayer, and Arcade Fire.

“I binge-watched “McCartney 3,2,1” on Disney+,” said DeRoo. “Paul McCartney and Rick Rubin, an American record producer, went into the studio and broke down iconic Beatles songs and discussed them. I have been a massive Beatles fan my entire life and consider Paul one of my biggest influences. The documentary portrays the songs in a revealing light.”

The song was written and recorded in late 2021, only taking two days to write.

“Hourglass,” tells of humankind’s disregard for the earth and life, which jeopardizes and often shatters vision, environment, truth, and the very existence of being,” said DeRoo. “The song asks, “Why?” It wonders, “When?” It challenges listeners to look beyond themselves, consider others, and cherish every moment. It offers universal themes of time, love, openness, peace, and togetherness.”

Carl Jennings of Westmoreland Recording Studio produced “Hourglass”, and the band’s upcoming EP, “Honey Harbour”.

“We have a special chemistry, and I think you can hear it in the music,” said DeRoo. “Also, we worked with Chris Altmann, who plays the pedal steel guitar, for the first time. Carl called in Chris to lay down a part that would be a constant element throughout the song. It was a great experience watching a prolific player perform on our song. The pedal steel guitar is a complex instrument. We were blown away and delighted with the result. Overall, from beginning to end, “Hourglass” has been a smooth, positive experience of refined collaboration.”

With their latest single, CODA FACTO hopes to encourage positive social change during a time when the world feels hopeless.

“Now, more than ever, we must work together to overcome the negative impacts challenging our world, each other, and all living things,” said DeRoo. “By fostering awareness and taking meaningful action, we can create sustainable, positive change.”

This is a personal message from DeRoo, as it’s partly inspired by the Russian military invasion of Ukraine, an ongoing tragedy that greatly affects his loved ones.

“My girlfriend is from Ukraine,” said DeRoo. “This has been a devastating experience for her. I see the pain in her eyes. Her concern is vast for the global community, her country, family, and friends. This song gives her hope.”

You can help support CODA FACTO by following their socials, streaming their music, and by donating to their Bandcamp here. The band also asks that you check out the non-profit CORE.

“You can help by donating to the non-profit, crisis response organization CORE (Community Organized Relief Effort),” said DeRoo. “It was founded in 2010 by actor Sean Penn. CODA FACTO urges listeners to share this message, spread awareness, and create positive change.”

Written by Sarah Rintjema

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